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SENTUL PARK KOI CENTRE Sentul Park Koi Center is a place to experience the beauty of Japan's living jewels as well as to learn and expand one's knowledge of Nishikigoi. Once you pass through a wooden gate at the entrance of the Koi Center, you are instantly detached from the noises of bustling KL (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia) as you walk into the serenity of a Japanese-style promenade leading up to the reception, which also houses a learning center with library and audio/visual areas filled with materials on anything and everything about Koi.

Across the 2 landscaped ponds, which are the houses of some magnificent Koi, is the retail center under a uniquely-designed building. There are a total of 36 retail ponds holding a large variety of Nishikigoi from many renowned breeders in Japan, ranging from reasonably-priced Koi for novice Koi hobbyists to highly sought-after quality Koi that you have rare opportunity to view outside Japan, the homeland of Nishikigoi.After pampering your eyes with the beautiful Koi, it is time to enrich your gastronomic sense with some mouth-watering Ramen and other Japanese food at our restaurant, Yuritei, which means House of Playful Koi in Japanese. Even if you are inside a building, you are not spared from the beautiful view of some showcase Koi in our 700-ton landscaped pond through the Shoji (Japanese paper screen) doors.
Sentul Park Koi Center is a haven for new and experienced Koi hobbyists as well as for anyone who wants to experience a glimpse of "good old Japan" through Nishikigoi - one of Japan's spectacular cultures and traditions. Pay us a visit and feel the full experience of Japan's "Living Jewels".